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Qualcomm plans to open a new Hanoi factory


Qualcomm, the US based tech giant that focuses on semiconductors, software and services for wireless technology has announced that it plans to open a factory in Vietnam that will produce the company’s 5G SnapDragon processors.

The opening of the Vietnam factory will counter-balance Qualcomm’s factory production in China and is an acknowledgement of continuing trade difficulties between China and the U.S., difficulties that members of the Trump administration have said should lead to a “decoupling” of U.S. and China integration in business and manufacturing.

In the case of Qualcomm, the development of 5G technologies in various forms across the world has led the company to intensify the chip production so that it can meet the demands of its smartphone manufacturing partners.

Qualcomm Vietnam factory to assist R&D studies

According to information from Qualcomm, the new 5G-production facility will be located in Hanoi, and will have 3 different sub-facilities that will help develop Qualcomm’s new cellular technologies. The new factory will focus on radio chips and new image detection technologies that are being specifically designed for smartphones.

Sub-facility #1 will be the radio frequency laboratory, while sub facility #2 will test power consumption and performance metrics, and sub-facility #3 will adjust image sensors and measure their quality.

VinSmart is one of Qualcomm’s partners in Vietnam and they are cooperating with Fujitsu to produce 5G technology smartphones in Vietnam. As well as its local production deal with VinFast and Fujitsu, Qualcomm is excited about 5G modems and wants to use them in Apple smartphones and the smartphones of other brands.

Qualcomm’s official press release said, “As a leading company in wireless technology, Qualcomm has worked closely with Vietnam’s mobile ecosystem for many years, as evidenced by the establishment of the first office in Hanoi in 2003 and later in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014.”




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