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Vietnam’s top telcos agree to cooperate on 5G development


Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has asked the Hanoi city government to invest in 5G-ecosystem development and make the city a regional network security center.

Hoang Minh Cuong, Director of the MIC’s Viet Nam Telecommunications Authority (VNTA) said that the development of the 5G telecommunications infrastructure must be a priority if Hanoi wants be become a smart city and lead in the country’s digital transformation goals and increases its digital economic growth.

VNTA has proposed that Hanoi develop its 5G ecosystem by creating research and development (R&D) zones for smart agriculture, smart healthcare, fintech and other technologies that will use 5G. However, a reality facing the city is that its current 4G-coverage rate is difficult to access in certain areas of the city, and that its 4G-adoption rate is lower than the national average.

The MIC has offered to help city to help solve this problem and one way of doing this is by implementing 5G coverage plans in IT zones and industrial parks in the city, between 2020 and 2022, which will help the city to draw new investment.

The MIC has also said that Vietnam’s largest cities, such as Da Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City should develop IT zones, that will focus on attracting technology enterprises and high-value foreign investment.


Four Vietnamese telecom providers sign an agreement to share their 5G-infrastructure

In order to speed up 5G development across the country and lower the costs for 5G infrastructure development, four of Vietnam’s telecommunications companies – Gtel Mobile, Mobifone, Viettel and VNPT have signed an agreement that will allow them to share their telecommunications infrastructure with each other. Some of the components of the agreement are:

• MobiFone will use 20 infrastructure locations of Gtel Mobile to deploy new broadcasting

• Viettel will use 64 infrastructure locations of Gtel Mobile

• Viettel and MobiFone plan to develop 24 shared infrastructure locations

• Viettel and VNPT will share 554 telecommunications infrastructure positions

• VNPT will use 242 infrastructure locations of Gtel Mobile to deploy new base transceiver stations in 2020-2021

Speaking at the agreement-signing ceremony, Hoang Minh Cuong, VNTA director, said that the MIC had issued a directive last year on sharing infrastructure among telecom companies and that the agreement between the telecos was a result of that directive, and will speed-up infrastructure development while saving money for the telecos as well as the government.




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