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The future of franchising in Vietnam

Franchising has been a preferred growth strategy for companies looking to expand domestically and internationally. Examples include global brands such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Knight Frank and Avis.

In recent years, Asian franchise brands are also starting to emerge. Brands such as Breadtalk from Singapore, Secret Recipe from Malaysia, Jollibee from the Philippines and Café Bene from South Korea, have achieved tremendous growth in the region using the franchising approach, which begs the question… What does the future hold for Vietnam as a franchise market?


Phi Nguyen - Managing Partner at SEA, World Franchise Associates - holds an MBA at Central Queensland University, Australia majoring in marketing communication. She has been senior executive of various retail & franchise organizations, with the latest assignment at Gloria Jean’s Coffees International as General Manager – Asia and Head of Special Project & Global Development where her role involved global Master Franchise Partner recruitment, due diligence, and support with business modeling and market entry strategies.

Currently, Phi is Managing Partner, SEA at World Franchise Associates where she helps launch international retail & franchise brands into the region. She is board advisor for the APAC region at the Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMO) and the author of two books, Advertising in Vietnam – An Insider’s View, and Built To Last – A practical guidebook for Viet enterprises to build successful franchise brands and models. Phi is the 2015 award recipient of the “Retail Leadership Award” recently presented by the Asia Retail Congress.

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